Fidget Spinner Tricks for Beginners

A fidget spinner is a toy kind which can be spin round very fast either with using single or both hands by holding them either by the spoke or center. Appropriate diversion is required by the mind and fingers to spin it. The skateboard ball bearing is the heart on which the fidget spinner spins. Fidget toys are effective to kill boredom and nervousness in the office. There are many spinner lovers out there using different tricks to spin it and amaze people around them. In fact there is no wrong way to use the fidget spinner. You can spin it the way you like. But if you would like to use some tricks to spin it here are few tips and tricks for the beginners.

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The flick method

This is the simplest and the basic method for using fidget spinner. It can be used on any type of fidget spinner.  Follow the below step to perform a flick method for spinning.

  1. Get grip on the button of the spinner using your index finger and the thumb.
  2. Use your middle or ring finger to flick it forward enabling the spinner to contact with the tip of the spin near the fingernail base.
  3. Alternatively pull the spinner back and load it up or using ring finger cock and give a solid forward flick.

Snap or The reverse flick Method

 As the name suggest instead of flicking the spinner forward you need to pull it back. Bar spinners make use of this method to fullest.  To spin in this method

  1. Use your index finger and the thumb to grip the buttons on the spinner same as in flick method.
  2. Use ring finger and pushing against the spinner body get hold of it and prevent it from spinning, if holding the spinner perpendicular to the floor press towards your body.
  3. Use ring finger to do a snapping movement towards hand and spin the fidget spinner.

The next two spinning tricks are on the basis of the previous two but here we will use spin finger and grip differently.

Index Finger Flick Method

This is suitable for the beginners and for children. Follow the steps below to learn this spinning method

  1. Grip the button on the spinner using your middle finger and the thumb.
  2. Your index finger should be placed under the nail on tip of the ends of the bar of the spinner holding the spinner with friction.
  3. Forward flick the spinner bar with index finger.

The index finger reverse flick Method

This method is very versatile and can be used by all spinners.  To do these spins follow the steps

  1. Using the middle finger and thumb grip the button on the spinner.
  2. Using the index finger press the spin point onto the side of the spinner with your middle finger holding the spinner button.
  3. Now pulling your index finger in the direction opposite to the flick and towards your arms spin the fidget spinner and be careful of finger not coming in the way while spin.

Balancing trick

Initially for a beginner it is important to learn the balancing trick. It is very easy to learn this trick and with proper practice one can master it easily.

  1. Just spin in the way you like and hold over your finger till the time you can.
  2. Try to switch between the fingers to feel comfortable.
  3. Change the fingers and try balancing on each of them.
  4. Gradually increase the speed and place it on the fingertips. This is a bit difficult and you need to practice to get a perfect comfortable grip. But once you have learnt this trick, you can do it with ease.

Transfer trick

Fidget Spinner Tricks

The other trick is the transfer skills. In this method the spinner is passed between hands in different ways while it is spinning.

  1. Place a finger from the other hand over the top of the spinner that is already spinning and turn over.
  2. Maintain the balance and slowly move the finger from the first hand. Repeat this again and again till you learn to control and master the gyro effect of the fidget spinner

There are different ways to transfer the spinner

  • You can throw the fidget spinner while it is spinning.
  • You can toss it back and forth
  • Grab it in the center on the button to spin it continuously.
  • Different angles and heights also make a great effect on the speed and way of spinning
  • Under toss is an advanced spinning trick which can be used by learned spinners.
  • Behind the back spinner craft toss is the ultimate spinner trick which is considered as the golden jewel of fidget spinner tricks.

There are other easy fidget spinner tricks that can be used by beginners. They are as under

  • The Change up: In this method the spinner is hold using thumb and index finger. While it is spinning toss it in the air and using the thumb and index finger of the other hand catch it without stopping the spin.
  • The Convertible: This is the simplest form of spin in which the spinner is spin using the thumb and the middle finger. The thumb is placed on the top. Slowly let go the thumb and balance it on the middle finger.
  • The Polarity switch: Using thumb and index finger spin the fidget spinner and flip it in the air. Using index finger and thumb of the same hand try to catch it. The spinner should be spinning continuously throughout the process.
  • The reverse sonic: In this method the spinner is hold by the outer frame weights flicking it and tossing it simultaneously into the air. Using thumb and index finger catch it in the midair. Ensure that the spinner does not stop.

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