How To Use Fidget Spinner

Fidget Spinner is a toy, made out of various materials such as brass, plastic, copper, titanium or stainless steel. It has a bearing in the middle of the design. This toy provides help to a person who is having difficulty in keeping the focus or fidgeting, it acts as a mechanism releasing nervous energy and keeping the focus. Fidget spinners are perfect companion to you in some serious moments filled with anxiety, it helps release stress and  concentrate on particular task.

The fidget spinners, center part, the bearings, are usually made of ceramic, hybrid or metal like stainless steel or chrome. The bearing of a fidget spinner adjusts and controls the noise, vibration and spin time and it provides unique sensory feedback to a user.

Different spinners are made of different materials for spinner and bearing both. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages, they all serve the same purpose but with different cost due to the different made.

Metal Fidget Spinner

The fidget spinner made out of metal like stainless steel, copper, brass or titanium are more popular as it is very quiet and operates very smoothly. So you can play happily anywhere.  In this type of fidget spinner, the bearing is places in such a way that is does not break the speed and plays for a longer time. When you are planning to buy the fidget spinner, the design is going to pay an important role, you should like the look as you will be holding it and fidgeting it a lot. The made also plays a role that it operates smoothly without breaking the speed and making noise.

Wooden Fidget Spinner

The wooden fidget spinners are cheaper compare to metal, they are mid priced and made out of wood. Wooden fidget spinners are light weight and provides elegant look which can be added to your office desk easily. This fidget spinners provides long life and better speed provided If they are maintained well. This type of spinners are offers professional look, long life, less weight, better speed and less expensive compare to metal fidget spinners.

3D Printed Plastic Fidget Spinner

This fidget spinner is made out of plastic using 3D printer technology. They are more popular due to low cost and light weight. Many people tend to buy the cheaper product first for trial and be safe before spending big money. The 3D fidget spinners are little louder and less durable compare to other quality like metal or wood.

Earlier fidget spinners are available in hand fidget spinner or finger fidget spinner. Hand fidget spinners are bigger in size and not easy to carry wherever you go. The new style, finger fidget spinners are much smaller in size and easy to carry wherever you go. It can be even accommodate in your key chain for easy use. The finger fidget spinners are available in different shapes, sizes and even made of different materials like metal, wooden or 3D printed plastics. It all depends on your individual choice which one to buy and how much you want to spend.

How to use Fidget Spinner?

The fidget spinners are very popular for concentration or focus or for killing free time whether be in office or fun trip. The fidget spinners are widely used for ADD and ADHD sufferers to kill time and increase focus on the task by relieving anxiety and stress. Many people have different habit like clicking a pen during meeting, using stress ball, biting nails, fidget spinners are perfect solution for them to alleviate the focus and reduce stress during some important moments of your life.

Fidget Spinner for Kids

The fidget spinner has gained popularity amongst children’s education field. Research has shown that fidget spinners are playing significant role in improving kid’s concentration on the task in hand ultimately resulted in better performance. Fidget spinners are perfect tool for keeping restless hand busy by redirecting and releasing extra energy quietly without distracting others in the class room. It is widely used for children with ADD and ADHD to improve their focus and reduce stress. Fidget spinners is a method very effective for children to use at school or at home to increase their focus while performing difficult task.

Benefits of Fidget Spinner for Kids:

  • Fidget spinners are big help kids to stay focus on particular task like school project
  • Fidget spinner helps combat compulsion or bad habits
  • Fidget spinner provides additional benefits for ADD, ADHD, Autism and many more special needs children
  • Fidget spinners are also used for occupational therapy and physical therapy
  • Fidget spinners help to release stress and anxiety and helps increase concentration
  • It is important to know how to use the fidget spinner, hold spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it with small continuous strikes to keep spinning. After, much use, you will be able to use one hand and fingers to spin or to stop spin.

Fidget spinner’s helps in preventing unwanted behaviors like smoking, leg bouncing, and nail biting which are potentially irritating. The fidget spinners comes in variety such as basic and low cost are perfect for most kids but kids with special needs like ADD or ADHD may need to use the fidget spinner on daily basis, is it wise to choose the best quality, user friendly and durable spinner for daily use.

Fidget spinners are perfect solutions not only for kids but also for many adults in personal and professional life. In simple words, it works like send all your stress spinning away. This is very simple solution but it really works. Fidget spinners are simple, compact, easy to use, and cheaper. It is simple but effective solution and helps you focus at very important time in your life like education, meetings, seminars etc. Fidget spinners are useful tool in breaking old time habits or compulsion and helps you concentrate on a particular task. It is recommended by some therapist for special needs children's or adults to relieve their anxiety and help them focus on the task with ease.

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