Metal Fidget Spinner

Metal Fidget Spinner

Fidget Boy

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  • Fun Focus Enhancement for Fidgeters – Boost focus, reduce anxiety, and build concentration with spinning fun. This toy is great for ADHD, Autism, focusing, Staying Awake, anxiety, clearing your mind, and entertainment.
  • 2-3 Min. High Speed Spinning Design – The Hommate Fidget Spinner Toy is specially designed for high speed and quiet play. Equipped with premium-quality German bearings and precise balance, users can enjoy high speed spinning of 2-3 minutes in any setting.
  • Elegant, Fun Look and Feel – The special slim-body design is perfect for any occasion. This toy is built with a cool, smooth design, so users can enjoy it without distraction at parties, meeting, during trips, or in both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Versatile Figure & Table-Top Glide – The Hommate Fidget Spinner Toy features smooth spinning and a comfortable feel great for mult-functional use. Play with one or two hands even on office tables and hard counters.
  • Mobile and Discrete – Perfect size for fun on the go without distractions. It is easy to clean, easy to carry, and easy to use. Just strike one end and enjoy spinning fun in the setting you want.