Fidget Pen Metal Magnetic

Fidget Pen Metal Magnetic

Fidget Boy

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Fidget Pen isn’t just a stress ball that you picked up at a career fair or the Rubik's Cube you wish you could be playing with during your meeting. Fidget Pen is a focus tool with a writing utensil embedded inside to help you jot down your best ideas and get done!

Fidget Pen is the first titanium, steel pen that bends, spins and transforms into various creative, fidgety features. For the constant fidgeters in life, we’ve created a super fun device that’s perfect for all situations, so you can discreetly fidget, whenever, wherever!

Fidget Pen is incredibly easy to use for fidgeting and, of course, writing. You’ll finally have something to tinker with in the office or classroom without bothering those around you.