About Fidget Boy

People who cannot stay still long enough before they start to tap their feet, squirm in their seat or drum their fingers on their desk are not even aware that they are doing it until someone points it out. Fidgeting is a common mannerism, but not everyone can control it before it annoys the person next to them.

Fidgeting is the act of making small movements, especially of the hands or feet, through nervousness or impatience. Fidgeting is a displacement behavior. People unconsciously do these small gestures to express a thought indirectly. For example, when you are on a plane and are feeling excited about it, most people tend to check their things and luggage over again just to make sure they have everything they need.

Fidgeting helps displace the excess energy that we feel when we are too excited, stressed or anxious. When some of our body parts move, some of that energy dissipates. Think of it as an outlet to release that emotional tension.

Some dismiss this problem as ordinary, and not many people seek ways to curb their restlessness. We at Fidget Boy think differently. It is our goal as a company to help unstill people calm down and stop their irritating habits.

We are a company that manufactures fidget toys that are designed to help the persons who just can’t seem to stop moving.

At Fidget Boy, we are dedicated to solve your problem. If you feel ever feel like you are doing too much movement but don’t know how to stop, our product is the right purchase for you.


We at Fidget Boy are driven to address each individual’s restlessness. We aim to make people realize that restlessness caused by nervousness, impatience or anxiety can be solved.

Our market caters to a wide range of consumers, children and adults alike who suffer from ADHD or anxiety.

If you are an employee experiencing a lot of stress at work, or if you have a child who cannot stay still, you can try our products and see a wonderful transformation to your habitual gestures.

Stop that annoying fidget and let us help you reach that sense of calm today.