Magnetic Balls Desk Toy

Magnetic Balls Desk Toy

Fidget Boy

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SET OF 216 METAL BEADS - Comes in a set of 216 magnetic rare earth metal spheres. These buckyballs measure 3mm each and can be formed into a variety of shapes and sizes.

CARD FOR DESIGN AND BAG FOR STORAGE - This magnetic building toy comes with a decorative card and bag so it’s easy to store or bring along with you. Can also be used as a gift bag.

CREATE UNLIMITED DESIGNS - Think outside the box by creating infinite shapes, forms, and designs using the magnetic mini balls. There are no rules to follow and each creation is a unique work of art. You can improve your creativity and imagination just by manipulating the magnetic balls.

MULTICOLORED SHINY BALLS MAKE A GREAT DESK ORNAMENT - These magnetic connect toys not only provide amusement and entertainment, it also makes for a great desktop accessories to your office or home work area. The attractive, shiny beads formed into a cube will look great as a desktop accessory.

GREAT FOR FIDGETY HANDS - These cool magnetic toys make for a great stress-buster. Whenever you are pressured or under stress at home or at work, having something to touch and fidget with helps to let off steam and relieve tension, causing you to relax and feel calm. These balls are sensory toys that can also be used for therapeutic purposes.

WARNING: US Government Age recommendation is 14 years.