Top 10 ADHD Toys To Keep Hands Busy

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD or stress toys are gaining a lot of popularity these days since they have proved to be highly effective in letting their users stay focused in stressful situations. In addition to this, they are also known to be effective in helping a user keep his hands busy and keep them from getting their attentions diverted towards useless and unproductive stuff. There are several different types of ADHD toys that are available in the market. A few of the most popular ones in this regard are discussed below for your convenience and understanding.

1. Fidget Stick Desk Toy

fidget stickThis is an amazing ADHD toy that may be kept on your desk while you can also take it anywhere along with you. It may be played with just for fun or you can also use to to remove drowsiness. In addition to this, it is also known to be highly effective for sedation when you are looking to relieve stress in order to keep your attentions well focused. It is available for a price of almost $14.

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2. Hand Spinner Fidget Toy

fidget spinner green and blueThe hand spinner fidget toy is a great toy that turns out to be really helpful for deep thoughts, keeping up with your focus, staying up on long drives, quitting smoking, autism, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, etc. The toy spins quietly and quickly and you might use both your hands to spin and flick it. It is perfect to use at home, school or office since it is known to be very quiet. The hand spinner fidget toy is available for a nominal price of $15.

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3. Metal Fidget Spinner

Metal Fidget SpinnerThe metal fidget spinner is yet another great ADHD toy that proves to be helpful in tackling ADHD by keeping your hands busy all the time. It allows you to boost your focus, build your concentration and reduce the anxiety levels. You can use it for entertainment, clearing your mind, anxiety, staying up at drives, focusing on a problem, autism, ADHD, etc. The metal fidget spinner might be bought in exchange for a nominal sum of almost $14.

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4. Magnetic Decompression Balls

magnetic ballsThe magnetic decompression ball is yet another classy ADHD toy that might be used in order to keep your hands busy. It is available in the market for a price of somewhere around $16. You can use it for designing different shapes of your choice. It comes with a set of as many as 216 balls that are made up of stainless steel and are enclosed within a magnetic box. This kind of toys can also turn out to be great for kids since they help in improving creativity, stimulating both brain hemispheres effectively, decompression and developing intelligence as well. You can also serve this toy as a professional gift for both men and women.

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5. Flippy Fidget Keychain

Flippy Fidget KeychainThe flippy fidget keychain may be referred to as a handcrafted, heavy duty fidget toy that is designed to be used by hardcore fidgeters. Regardless of the fact that you are suffering from lack of concentration, stress, pain, anxiety or any other symptom of distress, the flippy fidget keychain might be a great choice for you. It not only keeps your hands busy all the time but it also enables your mind and entire body to focus upon the stuff that is actually important. If you like to spend several hours on fidgeting while doing creative stuff, the flippy fidget keychain is the ideal fidget toy for you since it comprises of interlocking chain links that are known to be perfect for the job. This marvelous toy comes with a cheap price tag of only $10.

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6. Metal Spinning Top

Metal Spinning TopThe metal spinning top is a fidget toy that is manufactured using zinc alloy silver and is an exact replica of the one shown in the movie ‘Inception’. Zinc alloy silver is known to be a non porous material. Therefore you would not have to get worried about this toy getting rusted. The spinning top also comes with a box that might be used to easily carry the spinning top around wherever you want to. You can buy this amazing fidget toy in exchange for a nominal price of less than $10.

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7. Original Fidget Cube

Original Fidget CubeThe original fidget cube is surprisingly among the list of the most addictive fidget toys out there. It is a high quality desk toy that is engineered to facilitate you into focusing your attention towards important things. Using the original fidget cube, you can easily fidget at home, in your class or at the office. As depicted from the name, the fidget cube comes with 6 sides and each of them features different things to fidget with. These include spin, roll, breathe, flip, glide and click. You can easily buy this amazing fidget toy off the market after paying a price of just $12.

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8. Fidget Pad

Fidget PadThe fidget pad is among the hottest fidget toys that are currently available in the market. It is designed using high end plastic composite and offers a fine, velvety feel. It is highly durable and known to offer you the best level of satisfaction when it comes to your fidgeting requirements. The pad is available in black fidget matte body with a number of high end features like multi colored buttons and joysticks as well. These features are known to be very useful in helping you focus while staying calm and away from anxiety and stress. The fidget pad is available for just $17.

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9. Dual Bar Fidget Spinner

Dual Bar Fidget SpinnerThe dual bar fidget spinner offers you satisfying spins that last for as long as up to 2 minutes. The toy is known to be very useful for people who suffer from ADHD and ADD and helps in getting relief from stress and anxiety as well. The toy comes with a nominal price tag of $16 only.

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10. Fidget Dice 2.0

Fidget Dice 2.0Finally, we have the fidget dice 2.0 that is the upgraded version of its initial version. It has 12 different sides having 12 different styles. These include cute face silicone, slider, forgetableness stone, soft silicone, silicone rope, rocker, switch, silicone ball, keypad, rotating disk, gear. It may be bought in exchange for $22.99 only.

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